Saturday, July 23, 2016

Eddie Betts

Two matches last week... Geelong gets the job done against Fremantle, and Adelaide wins their eighth straight by defeating a stubborn Collingwood side. The Pies have not listed Mason Cox for the last couple of weeks after he played for the big club for 10 consecutive games and kicked 15 goals. However I think the Pies have gotten some people back from injuries (such as Travis Cloke) so decisions have to be made as to who plays and who sits.

As near as I can tell, Cox plays on the VFL side which I think is similar to playing on the developmental team, or like AAA baseball. Getting a chance to play and get experience, but not at the senior level. It makes sense, given his neophyte footy status. In scrolling through his Twitter feed it seems as though he feels wanted and appreciated at Collingwood, so I don't think there's much to read into this.

When the broadcast crew talks about a team looking to finish in the top two of the eight postseason sides, it means the one they're talking about is pretty solid. This is how they talked about the Adelaide Crows during the match with Collingwood.

All eight playoff teams play in the first week but those in the top two get to play that first game at home (1 v 4 and 2 v 3), with a possible bye week to follow if they win. Top four teams cannot be eliminated the first week, win or lose. Finishing fifth or sixth means a home playoff game initially but having to play the next week regardless, after a long and grinding season. So for the Crows to be in this position is remarkable. This is the team whose players last season had to mourn the loss of their coach Phil Walsh, allegedly at the hands of his own son.

Which brings us to Eddie Betts who is a key member of the Crows forward line. He's 5'8" so speed is his weapon, and he uses it often. He's another one of the players the broadcast crew seems to fall in love with, although it sure seems justified, since Betts can really run and really play. He kicks straight, too. He's in the third year of a four-year contract since coming over from Carlton. It's really hard to see the Crows not keeping him for the long term given the fact that he's only 29 and that they could be heading toward a special season.

In the week to come... North Melbourne/Collingwood and the Crows look to make it nine in a row vs. Geelong.

Play on!

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